Rooms standard Euros rate
per night - per room
Single room “Tyrion” 60
Single room “Jon”100
Double room “Cersei and“Sansa”:140
VIP master bedroom“Daenerys”: 300

    This includes
  • English or Asian style breakfast
  • Free Wifi 100 Mbps network
  • Free Sauna usage

This package included :
2 nights per room
2 breakfast per person
1 Thai private dinner per person
1 Massage (30 min per person)
Wifi and Sauna free usage
Single room Tyrion: 180
Single room Jon: 240
Double room Censei/Sansa: 380
VIP room: 680

    For the Dinner we serve Ice Green Tea.
    Guests are free to bring over their own
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Alcohol without any surcharge

This is an offer for a full Chalet rental 7 nights that includes the full board i.e.:
1 single room of a Teen or Adult (Tyrion)
1 single room for an Adult single occupancy
or 4 Children 3 to 10 years old
2 Double room double occupancy
1 VIP master bedroom

  • Wi-Fi & Free sauna usage
  • No breakfast service
  • Full independent usage of professional kitchen
  • Cleaning service on departure
All in price Euros 3500

If you wish to try the maximum of Snow sport during a week end or a full week at a very high rhythm we have two
dedicates sport guide that will organize your ultra sport wishes.
As an example we could set up :
2 hours with alpine ski coach on the morning (or Nordic ski)
2 hours Snowmobile in the afternoon (or Husky sled, or ice karting)And after Sauna
1 hour snow shoe on our lakefront

No extra charge than our standard daily rate for the logistic organisation .
as you will pay directlythe sport coach .We just need to preparewell the
timing in anticipation.

This is a new special dedicated to overstressed and totally intoxicated by the digital world.
If You have reach the point that you can separate from your mobile phone for more than few minutes
and he sleep with you on your bedside…..! you need a Digital detox cure with total silence around you in premium.
The concept is as follows :
You will leave your mobile phone ,and your laptop on arrival, to be deposited in our safe box.
You will have given our numbers to family and team in case of extreme urgency calls. you shall be informed off.
And in that case you will recover immediately your gear to solve the situation .
We will hand back your items at the end of the week end ,or the week stay. In addition :

  • No TV in the room

  • TV will be shut down in the lounge

  • No Internet access whatsoever…we will not give you the wifi code…in case you try to catch the mobile phone of somebody else….!
We will organize for you a soft sport program mix of :
  • Snow shoes strolling on our lake

  • Reindeer carriage promenade in the forest

  • Long sauna with Avanto or deep swimming in the snow under our safety control

  • Two hours sport and relax massage per day

  • Siesta , Siesta , Siesta in full silence at any time of the day

  • Book reading with our library choice

  • Thai cooking lessons if you fancy !
  • The only surcharge will be for the longer massage than the one specified in our week end offer.
    All the rest is included in our week end special or week long stay standard rates.