Ice Fishing

The magic of ice fishing like in its rough simplicity. Fins are calling it “Meditation” which is waiting “very”patiently for something that will clear your mind effortlessly.

The infinity of a silent lake around you and the silence are key factors of ice fishing bliss ,as you are totally alone dreaming of your catch !...

Technically the basics are simple, a lake and at least 5 centimeters of ice which is enough to bare the weight of an human being. Then you need to drill (all supermarket in Finland will sell you the right gear) and then wish you luck.

An advice come to our Vuosselilake ,at the very front of our Chalet ,in March - April when the fish after a long winter is very hungry and will take anything ..!

Or if you are already a top ice fisherman we will be glad to register your participation to the next local competition,