Ice Driving

Ice driving on frozen lakes is an unmatched experience that can’t be missed for car racing fans.

20 km south of Ruka Ski resort in Kuusamo Main city, the Ice track is in Ahvenlahti and lake.

The cars that you will be able to drive are Bentley, Porsche 911 BMW M3 rallycar, , Mitsubishi Evolution IX Full Spec rallycar, Skoda S2000 rallycar, Lamborghini Gallardo, Mitsubishi Evolution, Subaru Impresa.

A day begins with practicing the track and driving techniques ending by a lunch. At noon, they drive a playful race in teams and go afterwards for a dinner. And you can extend up to 4 days with the ice driving instructors with a wealth of rally racing experience.

We are at your disposal to organize you schedule according to the track season from 30 January to 29 of March 2018