Chill Room

Imagine that you are back from 15 km of Nordic ski, or 3 hours or snowmobile, or simply a full day of alpine ski….minus 15 degrees outside…you are a bit worn out but satisfied by your sport prowess….now back to your Chalet…where a very warm , intimate atmosphere is waiting for you.

Our Chill room is “Hygge” or if you prefer the latest swedish fad “Lembo” . if you are Dutch you will say that is “Lekke” . British you will pass over all that fashionable fuss…to just feel the “cosiness”….but we are in Finland and we have our own word for it…”Kalsarikennit”…but I will tell you only when you come what is the extra Finns twist !…

Whatever ,you will be welcome on your way back by our Lantern path , and ready for a warm drink in front of the fire, Hot Chocolate…or Single Malt , you decide !.